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The Wak-a-Too

The Wak-a-Too

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This incredibly colorful story is set in the mountains of Nepal.  

Now in the Himalaya region, a typical child might see parakeets or pigeons or eagles.  "BUT," says the narrator, "I think I know of a bird you may not have yet seen or heard.  Let me introduce you to the unique, the hard-to-find, the rare, the priceless, the one-of-a-kind Wak-a-Too!!!"  

The Wak-a-Too is a wild and colorful bird that lives, breathes, and flies in the imagination of children.  Wak-a-Toos come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Some are flat or shiny, some have bunny teeth, and some have great big bananas for feet! In the world of the Wak-a-Too, anything goes!  

The beautiful and intricate illustrations in this book will encourage your children to draw their own Wak-a-Toos.

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